Our vision

To set the example of effective health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) risk management in the regions and industries in which we operate.


Our primary goals

  • Preventing injury and ill-health to our workers;
  • Providing safe and healthy workplaces;
  • Protecting our natural environment; and
  • Efficiently providing high quality, timely products and services that meet our customers’ needs.


Our HSEQ management system supports our achievement of these goals, through a focus on sound risk management, simple systems, and strong leadership.


Our commitments

We commit to:

  • Striving for the prevention of injury, ill-health and environmental impacts caused by our business’ activities;
  • Protecting our environment from pollution, through careful management of hydrocarbons, hazardous substances, and waste materials;
  • Setting and monitoring HSEQ objectives, with a focus on leading indicators;
  • Controlling risks using the hierarchy of controls and allocating appropriate resources;
  • Upholding our applicable legal and licence requirements, and other obligations, as specified in our HSEQ Legal Register;
  • The participation of and consultation with our workers in managing HSEQ risks;
  • Promoting our employees’ awareness and control of HSEQ risks;
  • Empowering employees to stop work if there is an uncontrolled hazardous situation;
  • Timely reporting and investigation of hazards and incidents, and corrective actions;
  • Continuous improvement of our HSEQ management system, and continual reduction of our HSEQ risks as low as reasonably practicable; and
  • Ensuring our leaders uphold and promote these commitments.


How we stay on track

Each month, we review performance against HSEQ objectives at all levels.

Each year, CGL’s senior leaders review the HSEQ policy, management system and objectives, to ensure that they remain appropriate and continue to drive improvement in our management of HSEQ risks.