Corporate objective and strategy

CGL’s Directors and Executive team


The corporate objective of CGL is to continue building shareholder wealth and maintaining an appropriate return on shareholder equity.

Our Board of Directors and Executive team are passionately driven by the following strategic deliverables, which in turn supports our corporate objective to be continually delivered:


Key deliverable: Investment in emerging regional opportunities in the existing industries we operate within.

CGL plan to achieve this by:

  • Growing our existing business in fuel importation and wholesaling based on our current investment in the Wyndham fuel terminal;
  • Developing fuel supply arrangements in other areas of Northern Australia;
  • Providing management and maintenance services arrangements to other fuel terminals;
  • Promoting the expanded use of the Port of Wyndham;
  • Providing new storage and logistical opportunities on CGL’s property adjacent to the Port;
  • Developing new business opportunities that have synergies with the CGL’s existing businesses;
  • Continue the development of mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships with indigenous groups that provide investment and long term employment opportunities for indigenous people;
  • Acquiring or developing new business which meets our investment criteria and is within our capacity to manage efficiently; and
  • Promoting and developing the our organisation’s identity as a major Australian regional industrial company.


Key deliverable: Improving on our business practices in compliance, sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

CGL plan to achieve this by:

  • The expansion of our own operational teams in Wyndham and Kununurra as necessary, by means of both capabilities and resources;
  • Investing further in building our strong culture of care in our workplaces by sharing our existing business knowledge, values and practices across our business groups;
  • The investment in technology and systems to deliver optimal operational efficiencies and standardise our finance and compliance business practices;
  • Ongoing robust corporate governance and effective operational management to reduce our┬árisk exposures; and
  • Identifying and investing further in corporate social responsibilities that we hold with our local communities, regions and industries.