Logistics compliance

Our Logistics operations span across three States and Territories. No matter what part of Australia we are carting in, our drivers, trucks and cargo must adhere to the astringent requirements that our customers and our industry require us to meet.



By law, CGL Logistics must undergo annual audits called heavy vehicle haulage assessments. These audits are facilitated by the industry regulator, The Department of Transport and independent auditors.

We are very proud of our logistics management system; it is one of the most practical and well-maintained systems in Australia as per our ongoing audit reviews and feedback from regulators, assessors and customers.


Emergency management

We also must ensure that our emergency management systems tick every box as part of our environmental licencing requirements and customer agreements.

We cart and deliver fuel products to some most remote locations in Northern Australia. Because of this, our spillage and clean up responses are well developed processes.


Driver health and safety

Our fleet drivers must also meet a number of health requirements and be well prepared for their journey, no matter where their deliveries may take them.

Our trucks are equipped with specialised driver and lone worker monitoring systems. This technology ensures we effectively manage driver fatigue, ensure safe driving practices are followed and can locate our drivers at all times during their journey.

We also have astringent drug and alcohol management practices in place across all of our CGL operations. Our drivers are expected to undergo additional testing for drugs and alcohol by our multiple customers when delivering products to customer sites.