CGL Wyndham Port

Wyndham Port is the only deep-water port between Broome and Darwin. The facility is a vital link within Northern Australia’s primary and secondary industries’ supply chains.

Exports include live cattle, raw mined products from across Northern Australia and produce from the Ord River irrigation area. Imports include diesel and ammonium nitrate for the mining industry.

The Port operations and management are currently overseen by Cambridge Gulf Limited, however the facility is owned by the Department of Transport, who regulates the facility jointly with its transitioning successor, the Kimberley Ports Authority.

Pilotage is compulsory for all vessels over 500 tonnes entering Wyndham Port limits. For larger vessels, the pilot boards the ship at Lacrosse Island, which is 45 nautical miles north of the jetty. This makes Wyndham one of the longest pilotages in Australia.

Wyndham has a maximum tidal range of 8.2 meters and tidal streams run at up to 7 knots through the narrower sections of the Cambridge Gulf passage.