Port compliance

CGL Wyndham Port is one of the biggest employers of local residents in the town of Wyndham. This small community has a strong culture of care and this value is proudly reflected through our Port operations by the people in our workplace.

We live here, we work here. This is our home and this is our legacy.


Asset improvements

One of CGL Wyndham Port’s greatest challenges to date has been the continuous upkeep of many of the Port assets that over the years have begun to age considerably. Understanding how to care and maintain for these assets (many of which are critical to our business operations) is just as important to the Port as ensuring equipment is compliant for our business operations. Not only do we need to ensure we keep our people safe and natural surrounding environment well-cared for, we must do this while continuing to run our Port operations efficently.

For over 10 years CGL has enjoyed a strong relationship with the Port’s owners, the Department of Transport. We work closely together to continually find ways to improve our operations, assets and infrastructure.

CGL is also continually investing and improving its assets at the Port. This way we can ensure we remain compliant with plant and equipment best practices.

Our business and Port customers have also invested in many new pieces of mobile and fixed assets over the years at the Port facility and surrounding CGL operations. This in turn has supported our operational progress and expansion into various new product lines for import and export.


Risk management and our people

With the improvement of plant and equipment has come the need to further develop our safety practices and knowledge within our operations. CGL Wyndham Port is on a continual improvement journey as part of its ISO certification requirements and to prepare for incoming changes to the Western Australian work health legislation, which will likely come into effect in 2020.

We have an impressive array of skill sets at our Port operations. Our employees hold specialised trades and various high risk work licences. Our teams have developed robust risk management systems to support our operations, which in turn became ISO and JAS-ANZ certified in 2019.

We are continually finding the best and most practical ways to actively manage task-based risks in our workplace. By owning our safety culture, we are able to deliver systems and processes that are fit for purpose with our operations.



Not only is environmental management critical to our operating licence for the CGL Wyndham Port facility, we are passionate about sustainability and caring for our diverse natural environment.

Working with our customers, suppliers and regulators, the Port has been able to deliver transparent environmental management solutions and become certified with ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system standards in 2019.

The export of nickel from the Port to China commenced in 2004. A process of continuous review of storage and loading procedures has resulted in significant improvements in the environmental performance of the operation. This includes the construction of a purpose-built facility for storing nickel concentrate. This storage facility and system is arguably the most environmentally responsible and cost-effective arrangements of any port in Australia.